Hillcrest Ratepayers’ Association (HRA) is a non-profit community group created in 2009 by local residents to support the community. The HRA is a registered community group with the City of Mississauga.

The HRA represents and supports approximately 800 households in the community.

We are involved with all levels of government on issues that affect Mississauga. Our Board of Directors is elected annually at the AGM and is accountable to its members.

Mississauga map boundaries for the HRA are:

Clarkson Road North

South Service Road

Southdown Road

Nine Creeks Trail (Hydro corridor)

Map of Hillcrest Ratepayers boundary

The HRA is also a member of MIRANET, an umbrella group of Mississauga Ratepayers’ Associations. Together we work on larger issues that benefit us all.


Hillcrest residents are informed, connected, and active in the life and growth of our community.


To keep our neightbours informed, connected and active in the community’s development. To continue making Hillcrest a great place to live.